CE Based Clinical Viewer

PocketCensus is a Windows CE based application facilitating the display of patient clinical and demographic data. The data is provided to the CE device via a web based application.


Patient data is collected and displayed in a web page. The physician then initiates a file transfer of the selected data into the CE device by selecting the “Download” button.

Once the data is transferred to the CE device, the data is available offline. The physician can then remove the device from the cradle and begin their rounds.

Once the PocketCensus program is running, the census data can be sorted by any of the available fields. 

Select the patient by taping with the stylist or using the scroll keys (not available on all devices). Once the patient is selected you can display a detailed report by clicking “Info”.

There are several functions available after the patient is selected:
Notes – enter notes that should be included on the patients chart or Virtual Patient Record (VPR).
Dictation – use the voice capabilities of your CE device to dictate patient reports.
Orders – check on the status or create new lab orders. *Real time update of orders is only available with wireless access.
Chart – examine the Virtual Patient Record (VPR). This includes all the reports that physician selected in their profile from the web tool.
Once the rounds are concluded, simply replace the CE device into the cradle to automatically update the patient’s records. This data will now be available to the web based and desktop clinical viewers.


The PocketCensus program provides a variety of features:
Custom Census Views Display and Add Orders 
Add New or Update Physician Notes
Display Lab Results
Add or Listen to Dictations
Display Patient’s Demographic Information
Find Patient’s Insurance Status
Automatically Update data to repository.

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